• Emergeny Management Plans

    • The school has comprehensive emergency management plans in place to respond to a range of emergency situations, from natural disasters, to threats, to safety
    • Plans identify all steps to be taken in an emergency, along with roles and responsibilities for administrators and staff
    • Drills occur on a regular basis to practice the steps of the plan
    • Plans undergo annual audits, as well as a reciew every time we need to activate one of the plans for any type of incident
    • Specific details of the plans are not shared to maintain the integrity and security of those plans


    • Evacuation plans are in place for any type of emergency
    • IAA has various locations that studnets and staff may be evacuted to, along with various transportation options to those locations
    • Decisons regarding exactly which location and method of transportation will be used are made in collaboration with the police department and emergency responders, based on the nature of the emergency
    • In the case of a threat to our students, staff or facility, we do not initially announce the location of the evactuaion site.  This is deliberate and intentional to protect the safety of all concerned until we have determined the nature of the threat
    • Details of the evacuation site location will be released to families by the school once we have determined there is no threat, and in order to facilitate dismissal and reunification processes.  We do not release details of the reunification site directoy to the media


    • During an emergency situation, IAA communicates through BlackBoard Connect, IAA website, and IAA Social Media Pages
    • It should not be assumed the other comments in the media, social media, or shared by avenues other than IAA tools are accurate